Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Emergency Power System Upgrade (EPSS-1)

Electrical Engineering for EPSS Upgrade

PBA provided mechanical and electrical design services to Jones Lang LaSalle for the Emergency Power System Upgrade at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.  The project involved providing construction documents to upgrade the EPS and was designed in two phases.  

Phase 1 consisted of verifying the existing EPS, including five emergency generators, paralleling switchgears and seven generator distribution panels.  Two generator distribution panels were in need of being replaced as well as  two generators: one with 750 kW and the other with 900kW, both of which were replaced with 2000 kW generators.  New mechanical supply fans were required for each of the new generators, as well as lighting for the generators and paralleling switchgear rooms.  Four sections of paralleling switchgear were also provided.  Three of the seven existing generator’s distribution panels were transferred to the new paralleling switchgear, along with control wires for each.  

Phase 2 involved transferring the remaining four generator distribution panels from the old paralleling switchgear to the new one, along with the associates control wires.  In addition PBA provided M/E design for upgrading the existing emergency control panels of the three generators communicate with the new paralleling switchgear.  Electrical feeders and control were also provided and connected to the existing generators and the new paralleling switchgears.