Lighting Design for Luxor Theater Renovation Archive

Architectural Lighting for Luxor Theater Renovation

The production side of the show was completely independent from renovations of the auxiliary spaces. Besides sightings of the stars of the show, the design team had no hints, clues, or interaction with them; nor could the rehearsals be attended to integrate the theme from the show to the pre-show spaces.

Sharp contrasts created by a colorful glow of lighting on and within architectural finishes/materials in the lobby provide the desired mystique of the Criss Angel persona. While the continuous color changes enthuse the dynamic energies of Cirque Du Soleil. Custom-made, fiber optic chandeliers appear as glowing nests made of interwoven spider webs;  these balance the vertical vastness in an otherwise dark, mysterious space.

The lenticular panels surrounding the vertical periphery of the bar and retail area are back-lit to accentuate the 3D properties of graphics and simultaneously provide the majority of ambient light for the Sanctuary. Retail and task lighting are there, but in miniature form to disappear and not compete with other luminous features in the space.