MEP Engineering for Bell Memorial Hospital

MEP Engineering For Hospital

Bell Memorial Hospital was a total replacement facility comprised of 144,545 square feet of floor area on one level. The facility included 25 inpatient beds, including ICU and LDRP beds, 3 operating rooms with provisions for future expansion, emergency department, diagnostic and treatment areas, laboratory, kitchen, laundry, a medical office building, and all required support spaces and functions for a complete critical access hospital.

PBA worked closely with the construction manager as part of the design-build team in order to ensure that the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were in line with the project budget as well as the high quality standards that PBA delivers to its health care clients.

PBA designed some innovative solutions to challenges posed by the project and its location. One challenge was the relatively poor reliability record of the public electric utility and the lack of an available second source from the utility. PBA designed the 2 Megawatt emergency electricity generation system  to carry almost the entire hospital during a power outage, with only a few non-essential loads not being picked up on the generators. 

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