MEP Engineering for MSU Bott Life Science Building Addition Archive

PBA Provided MEP for New Nursing Research Center

MEP engineering was provided for the Nursing Research Center addition to Michigan State University’s Bott Life Science Building, which attained LEED Silver rating from the USGBC in 2014.

The addition includes seminar rooms, office areas, conference rooms, commons area, storage, data & communications rooms, restrooms, and electrical and mechanical rooms.

A series of water-to-water heat pumps provides hot water and chilled water to the addition. A single water to water heat exchanger provides winter chilled water, when source water temperature permits. The source water circulates from the geo-exchange field--the first on MSU’s campus--to the heat pumps. Chilled water and heating hot water may be produced simultaneously in order to satisfy the heating and cooling requirements.

The building is backed up by an onsite natural gas generator that is located in the basement. This unit backs up standby loads designated by the owner, as well as life safety loads. The building is fed with a 1500kVA double ended substation, also located in the basement. This unit is configured in a main-tie-main configuration.