Ohio State University Building Controls Replacement Plan Archive

PBA Provided MEP Design Engineering to Evaluate Automation/Control And HVAC Equipment

{BA provided MEP engineering services to assess and evaluate the existing Building Automation / Control systems and HVAC equipment in 40 buildings on The Ohio State University’s main campus and ultimately provided a report that addressed the following items:

  • Identify the age, type and condition of each building’s BAS and HVAC equipment,
  • Create diagrams for all BAS and HVAC equipment.
  • Provide gathered assessment data for entry into the owner’s asset software,
  • Develop a plan for upgrading/replacing BAS equipment and connecting the various buildings’ systems to one of the campus Control Centers,
  • Prioritize upgrade/replacement options,
  • Provide estimated costs for all upgrade/replacement options and
  • Identify potential energy savings and paybacks that may be associated with upgrade/replacement options.
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