Quicken Loans Data Center

PBA Provides MEP Engineering Design for QL Data Center

PBA was responsible for designing the mechanical and electrical systems for a 2,500 square foot data center for Quicken Loans in Troy, Michigan. The data center was designed with redundant mechanical and electrical systems to achieve an (N+1) classification. Spare capacity was added with the intention for this site to serve as a disaster recovery site for the company’s Livonia data center.

The electrical design included main power distribution, secondary distribution, emergency power systems including standby generator and uninterrupted power supply. The electrical design also included two Uninterrupted Power Supplies, battery racks, power distribution units and floor distribution units. PBA was responsible for coordinating the rack layout and the branch circuit distribution within the data center.

The mechanical design included four Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Units providing air conditioning through an under floor air distribution system. A glycol solution was circulated through the CRAC units for cooling by one circulating pump with another on standby. The heat from the data center was rejected by two grade mounted dry coolers. A UPS room adjacent to the data center is cooled by one dedicated CRAC Unit with another on standby.    

Quicken Troy Data Center 041

Quicken Troy Data Center 004