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Peter Basso Associates uses the latest design tools and technology, including current versions of Autodesk AutoCAD MEP® and Revit MEP® to improve the clarity of design documents. Utilizing BIM tools, design models and more, we are able to communicate system design efficiently to all members of the MEP Engineering Design project team. This helps avoid conflicts during design and surprises during construction, saving the building owner time and money.

Peter Basso Associates has a dedicated technology department with professionals who are responsible for researching available MEP Engineering Design Technology, Communication Technology and BIM tools, then  integrating the most effective design tools into our MEP Engineering Design processes and implementing training programs for our staff and clients. This team of professionals enhances our leadership in the application of BIM tools and technology. In fact, Peter Basso Associates is a founding member of the Detroit Area BIM Users Group. Because we continually adapt new technology into our processes, PBA is an effective collaboration partner on project teams, integrating various communication technology tools from project team members.

Focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM) Tools

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, but a better way to think of it is Building Information Management. BIM is a PROCESS not a PRODUCT. Successful use of the BIM tools involved in this process yields a better design to the building owner, and more effective design coordination.

“Better” design can mean many different things, but significant benefits of BIM tools and the overall BIM process include:

  • Clash detection,

  • Additional information about systems, materials, dimensions, and other aspects of the building elements,

  • Improved understanding and awareness of the big picture through visualization,

  • Portability of project design information to share among project team members, and

  • Information about construction materials quantity estimates


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