For more than 30 years, Illuminart has created cost-effective and appealing lighting designs. Our team has designed millions of square feet of retail space, exhibits and exterior environments.


Illuminart, a division of Peter Basso Associates, began as a small lighting design firm in 1984 founded by Stefan Graf. Graf was well established in the theatrical lighting community and wanted to expand his lighting design impact into architecture. The firm established strong relationships with Detroit-based architects, automotive exhibit, and interior designers and rapidly expanded into projects throughout the U.S.

In 2004 Robert White partnered with Stefan to bolster Illuminart’s capabilities. The firm’s client base developed nationally in retail, commercial, entertainment, gaming and hospitality. Recognizing the importance of a global portfolio Illuminart expanded its reach into large scale international projects.

A new chapter in the Illuminart story is the acquisition by Peter Basso Associates. This synthesis of innovative lighting design and technical skill supported by a respected and capable engineering firm is truly unique. Embracing the benefit of diversity in design experience and background Illuminart continues to build a team that combines sensibilities in architecture, art, interior design and theater.

Illuminart Design Philosophy