BIM Tools & Other MEP Engineering Design Technology

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Peter Basso Associates leverages BIM Tools and Collaboration Technologies to improve building design and construction processes. Our clients reap the benefits of our technological leadership with BIM tools and engineering software through improved integration, design, coordination, documentation, data, and collaboration.

Watch the video to hear what President Dan Englehart, and engineers Scott Bilan and Katie Hentrich (Ross) have to say about how 3D technology is benefitting the MEP engineering process at PBA, and ultimately our clients:

Peter Basso Associates uses the latest design tools and technology, including current versions of Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD MEP®, Navisworks, ReCap and more to improve the comprehensiveness of design documents. Utilizing BIM tools such as 3D modeling, data rich content, and coordinated scheduling, we communicate MEP system designs effectively to all project stakeholders including ownership, members of the Design team, and beyond. This helps avoid conflicts during design and surprises during construction, saving the building owner time and money.

Peter Basso Associates has a dedicated technology department with professionals who are responsible for researching available MEP Engineering Design Technology, Collaboration Technologies and BIM tools, then integrating the most effective design tools into our MEP Engineering Design processes and implementing training programs for our staff and clients. This team of professionals enhances our leadership in the application of BIM tools and technology. In fact, Peter Basso Associates is a founding member of the Detroit Area BIM Users Group. Because we continually adapt new technology into our processes, PBA is an effective collaboration partner on project teams, integrating various communication technology tools from project team members.


Focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM) Tools

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, but a better way to think of it is Building Information Management. BIM is a PROCESS not a PRODUCT. Successful use of the BIM tools involved in this process yields a better design to the building owner, and more effective design coordination.

“Better” design can mean many different things, but significant benefits of BIM tools and the overall BIM process include:

  • Clash detection and avoidance,
  • Data about systems, materials, dimensions, and other aspects of the building to improve design coordination,
  • Portability of project design information to share among project team members, 
  • Improved understanding and design awareness through visualization & rendering,
  • Information about construction materials quantity estimates

Existing conditions capture tools for renovation projects

If your project includes a renovation component, then how existing conditions are captured, documented, and developed into future design is a very important part in overall project success. PBA engineers can use 360 degree photography as well as 3D laser scanning to capture the building like never before, resulting in fewer site visits, faster turnaround, fewer assumptions, and greater accuracy.

BIM Tools Design

Peter Basso Associates believes in using the most appropriate design tool for the task at hand. Our project teams commonly utilize 3D content for mechanical and electrical equipment in their designs. These BIM Tools allow our engineers to create a virtual building and confirm that our designs are ‘buildable’ before drawings are ever issued. Using BIM tools, we “design it once” instead of the less efficient process of “draw it, check it, and revise it.” This design efficiency benefits the entire design team by expediting the schedule and avoiding conflicts.


BIM Tools Coordination

Peter Basso Associates typically is one member in an extended design team. Coordinating our designs with those of other disciplines is vital. Utilizing BIM tools and software, PBA has the ability to integrate other 3D models, check for clashes and revise the design to eliminate clashes.


BIM Tools Data

Peter Basso Associates can incorporate intelligent components into our design, enabling us to provide building owners and contractors a more accurate Opinion of Probable Construction Cost estimate for the systems that have been designed. These estimates can be used to help verify that contractor bids are reasonable.


BIM Tools Integration

PBA services a wide range of clients who use many different design software platforms. Using MEP engineering software and workflows, we often integrate into project teams that are using BIM Tools such as Revit, AutoCAD or AutoCAD Architecture (Architectural Desktop), or even MicroStation or ArchiCAD. We have developed processes to interface with these programs efficiently.

BIM Tools Documentation

Construction documents and specifications are a primary deliverable for most projects. Employing BIM tools, Peter Basso Associates provides electronic documentation of the design. While many firms use 3D only as a design check, or as an enhanced model after designing in 2D, PBA uses 3D modeling from the beginning of design. Our electronic documentation deliverable represents the culmination of a comprehensive, integrated design methodology, rather than ‘back-checking’ after design is complete.

BIM Tools Collaboration

Peter Basso Associates uses virtual collaborative meetings to improve communications and maximize staff efficiency. Our use of the Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other cloud-based video conferencing system enables us to facilitate and participate in virtual meetings with participants in multiple locations. In addition, we can integrate many different types of file sharing and project workflow websites for these meetings. Furthermore, we utilize many different hosted design platforms for our BIM models, including BIM360, Clarity, and Bluebeam Studio for PDF markup.


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