The Illuminart team is dedicated to the balance of art and science of lighting design. We utilize this medium to render sustainable, beautifully illuminated environments that enhance the experience.

Robert White

Robert White, IALD, LC, IES

From his early days as an Industrial Design graduate at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies to the present as design principal at Illuminart, Robert has been Read More >

Darko Banfic

Darko Banfic, LC, IES

In the role of Architectural Lighting Designer, in his extensive 33+ years of experience in the industry, Darko has bridged the gap of art and science with Read More >

Karl Geil

Karl Geil, LC, IES

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Geology, the pull of architecture and design was too much for Karl to resist. As part of the coursework Read More >

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams, LC

Elizabeth has a background in theatrical and video lighting which enriches her visualization, communication and documentation skills as a lighting designer. She has Read More >