The Illuminart team is dedicated to the balance of art and science of lighting design. We utilize this medium to render sustainable, beautifully illuminated environments that enhance the experience.

Darko Banfic

Darko Banfic, LC, IES

In the role of Architectural Lighting Designer, in his extensive 33+ years of experience in the industry, Darko has bridged the gap of art and science with Architectural Lighting Design. His designs range from specialty indoor and outdoor lighting systems in facilities that include Retail, Museum, Sports, Office, Hospitality, Casino, Entertainment, Worship/Church, Healthcare, University, K-12, Industrial, and Residential throughout North America and overseas. Darko conducts facility lighting studies and develops lighting master plans for facilities ranging from single buildings to multi-building campuses. He has been honored as specialty lighting consultant for multiple commissioned artwork projects.

During his early days as an electrical designer, Darko achieved particular proficiency and a passion for lighting design and now leads many of the lighting projects the firm undertakes. His multicultural background has gifted him with creative points of view that, merged with bilingual communication skills, technical knowledge and love for arts, has led him to many award-winning lighting design solutions. He is also an honorary independent counsel to multiple lighting manufacturers for the development of new products.

Darko has contributed to publications such as LD&A, LIGHTING Illumination in Architecture (UK), Architectural Lighting, CAM Journal and Healthcare Design. He has been a guest speaker at IES events, academic conferences, special guest at multiple colleges and universities for Architectural studies, and he continuously conducts AIA certified/approved educational presentations for a variety of seminar attendees. Darko has pursued studies toward a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering and is Lighting Certified through the National Council for the Qualification of Lighting Professionals. He is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society.