The Illuminart team is dedicated to the balance of art and science of lighting design. We utilize this medium to render sustainable, beautifully illuminated environments that enhance the experience.

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams, LC

Elizabeth has a background in theatrical and video lighting which enriches her visualization, communication and documentation skills as a lighting designer. She has extensive experience with lighting design for various performance companies, as well as house technician support for various venues. In addition to lighting design, Elizabeth excels in computer drafting, stage technician work, theatrical lighting controls, live camera work and photometric calculations. Elizabeth facilitates lighting design, scheduling, communication, document handling, and research for various projects. She assists the project managers of Illuminart in a variety of tasks from start to finish for virtually every project. Two of Elizabeth’s strongest skills are visualization and luminaire focusing. She also provides insider knowledge and hands-on experience for projects that have theatrical lighting components.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Design and Production from the University of Michigan, and is Lighting Certified through the National Council for the Qualification of Lighting Professionals. As a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Elizabeth is the Emerging Professionals chair for the IES Detroit Section's Emerging Professionals group.