The Illuminart team is dedicated to the balance of art and science of lighting design. We utilize this medium to render sustainable, beautifully illuminated environments that enhance the experience.



Jason Flint

Jason recently joined Illuminart, a division of Peter Basso Associates, after 2 years in PBA’s CAD/Support Services department.

Jason’s responsibilities include reviewing specifications, computing lighting calculations, coordinating BIM models, and drafting. He is quite proficient in the use of an array of software tools for rendering, 2D drawings, 3D perspectives and graphics including Revit, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, 3ds Max Design, and AutoCAD.

Jason is certified in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D Visualization from Lawrence Technological University. He also holds both a Bachelors of Science in Architecture as well as a Bachelors of Interior Architecture.

He believes lighting to be a potent ingredient to the successful execution of architectural and interior design that becomes a balance of interrelated systems unique to the human experience. Jason's experiences have led to a greater understanding and appreciation for lighting design's impact on the built environment and the users therein. He believes this knowledge will assist him in his pursuit of LEED Accreditation as unprecedented sustainability efforts globally continue to make the implications of this impact indispensable.