Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning & Peer Review Services

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Today’s buildings incorporate highly sophisticated equipment and systems that must work in unison to maximize efficiency, simplify operations and satisfy occupants. Optimizing facility performance reduces operation and maintenance costs and increases employee productivity. Commissioning alleviates the frustrations commonly experienced by owners and occupants in new or renovated buildings with systems that don't function as intended. 

Commissioning validates that a building performs as it was designed and that it meets the owner’s expectations. The commissioning process begins when the design process begins and continues throughout all phases of the project, including the warranty period. During commissioning, the facility is comprehensively tested, adjusted and calibrated so it is fully functional when placed into operation. In addition, the owner’s staff is thoroughly trained in the proper operation and maintenance of the systems. Retro-commissioning is performed on existing buildings to bring them back to the functionality of its original design intent - or, in many cases, even better.

With a commissioning department separate from our design groups, Peter Basso Associates has served as the commissioning agent for hundreds of buildings over the past two decades.

During the design process, independent reviews, that are considered Level 1 peer reviews, are conducted by the commissioning team to identify potential areas for improvement in energy management, MEP systems constructability, value engineering and MEP system improvements. Comprehensive Level 2 peer reviews are also offered -- in conjunction with commissioning or as a separate service.

During construction, the commissioning team leads detailed functional testing of the systems, owner training and system documentation. 

Sold on Commissioning!

“I am a strong believer in Peter Basso Associates' commissioning process.  I find that once a particular piece of equipment has been commissioned, it relieves the control contractor and mechanical contractor of nuisance call backs. It also defines a clear completion date and thus a clear warranty date because everyone has signed off that the piece of equipment worked as specified. The claim 'It never worked from day one' is completely eliminated by this process." 
— Controls Company Installation Manager

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Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital LEED® Commissioning | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Peter Basso Associates commissioned the 11-story, 441,000 square foot Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to meet requirements of LEED v2.2 EA Prerequisite 1 Fundamental Commissioning and EA Credit 3 Enhanced Commissioning, with the goal of achieving LEED® Gold. Learn More...

Commissioning for EMU's Pray-Harrold Classroom Building | Ypsilanti, Michigan

Eastern Michigan University retained the services of Peter Basso Associates for commissioning of it's 237,108 square foot classroom building. Learn More...

Radiology Building Mechanical Systems Retro-Commissioning | East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan State University contracted Peter Basso Associates to perform mechanical systems retro-commissioning for its Radiology Building and provide a summary report. This is MSU’s “flagship” project for retro-commissioning 120 buildings on its main campus. Learn More...