Experienced Electrical Engineering Services

Expert Electrical Engineering Services

Effective electrical engineering delivers four benefits:

  • The initial investment and the long term energy power costs align with the owners expectations.
  • The lighting integrates with other systems and facilitates effective use of the space.
  • The owner maintains control over the lighting, enabling flexible use of space.
  • The electrical equipment can easily be maintained by the owner and their maintenance staff.

Peter Basso Associates’ experienced electrical engineers work side-by-side with Illuminart, our in-house lighting designers, to create lighting systems that enhance the building architecture and improve space use.  Our experience with LEED® energy requirements enables us to identify opportunities to save energy costs for owners by incorporating the latest best practices.  In addition, our MEP engineering expertise with data centers, telecommunications and special power requirements facilitates design decisions that must be made early in the project (like coordination between power and special systems, and programming both the size and location of required space) – these decisions cannot be an afterthought. 

Because we have designed facilities ranging from large to small, we understand how scale impacts system requirements and how to design flexibility for future growth.  As a result of our extensive experience, owners spend less money to build or maintain the power system they need today, or in the future.

CLICK the links below to view some of our Electrical Engineering projects:

Emergency Power System Upgrade | Royal Oak, MI

Peter Basso Associates, Inc. (PBA) provided mechanical and electrical design services to Jones Lang LaSalle for the Emergency Power System Upgrade at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak. The project involved providing construction documents to upgrade the EPS and was designed in two phases. Learn More...

Phase 1 Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades | Hillsdale, MI

Peter Basso Associates, Inc. (PBA) provided electrical engineering services to Hillsdale Community Health Center for the design of Phase 1 Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades. Learn More...

Electrical Engineering Design Renovation | Detroit, MI

Peter Basso Associates, Inc. (PBA) recently provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering and lighting design services for the 36,000 square foot renovation of the historic Bamlet Building in Detroit to be converted into the Detroit Institute of Music Education.   Learn More...