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With Peter Basso Associates, you get a leader in MEP engineering design that gets the big picture. We integrate the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems with facility design, meet budget and schedule, and deliver systems that work. Since mechanical issues are the #1 source of post-occupancy complaints, we are at your side from conceptual planning through operation, encouraging the design team to think of MEP systems as an investment. Being able to contribute solutions to long-term planning ultimately drives quality and reduces callbacks. Our systems perform because of our expertise in system operations that is enhanced by lessons learned from our commissioning department, which drives better design.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our engineering processes and design tools, with the goal of being in step with or even ahead of our architectural partners in adopting new technology. When we can cut time or steps out of our processes through the prudent use of emerging technologies, the entire team wins.

Because of our “client for life” philosophy, you can trust us to treat your client as our own and to reflect positively on the design team.

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Peter Basso Associates is an MEP engineering firm deeply involved in the development and implementation of best practices in the mechanical/electrical engineering profession. Through our participation and leadership in key professional organizations, our MEP engineering team continues to seek ways to develop new and innovative designs that improve on what we have done before and make us better stewards of our natural resources.

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