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At Peter Basso Associates, we understand the diverse environments in K-12 Schools, and we possess the tools to create learning environments designed to foster student achievement. We understand how properly conditioned environments can improve student performance, decrease absenteeism, and promote a positive learning experience. Our staff spends many hours annually attending seminars conducted by educators and thought leaders in the fields of educational theory in order to better understand how we can better assist in the achievement of the educational goals for the projects. We were instrumental in the formation of a Michigan Chapter of the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI), and our K-12 group leader has served in state and regional leadership positions with the organization since 2007. Our goal for all K-12 School projects is to provide environments suitable to meet today’s needs, yet agile enough to respond to ever changing educational paradigms.

Our classroom designs are focused on student comfort. We strive to provide exemplary learning environments with independent temperature control, occupant set-point adjustment and tenant override capabilities to allow the students and staff the flexibility to operate the systems to meet their needs. Since we understand the requirements of a kindergarten classroom are far different from the requirements of a high school science room, we do not approach classroom design with a “one size fits all” system or solution. Care is taken in every space to optimize occupant comfort.

As lighting technologies have advanced, and classroom technology needs have changed, so has our approach to providing lighting in classrooms.  Multi-level switching, dimming and daylight harvesting,  have all been applied to provide optimal classroom lighting control to meet the needs of many varied activities.

We have extensive experience in the specialty spaces found within a K-12 School building such as Gymnasiums, Cafeterias, Multi-purpose Rooms, Media Centers, Auditoriums and Natatoriums. Our wide range of experiences have left us well equipped with experience applying various systems to meet the needs of each of these space types.

While we focus heavily on occupant comfort for our K-12 School clients, we also strive to provide systems which are maintainable and serviceable in an easy and efficient manner. We understand the changing maintenance and operation structure in schools today, and the associated budget constraints, so were are constantly mindful of that in our systems selection and design. Working with operations and maintenance staff, we present system and equipment options which are applicable to the project, and provide insight and data to help the school select the right system for its needs.

Peter Basso Associates has provided MEP Engineering on thousands of K-12 projects

Peter Basso Associates has provided MEP engineering on thousands of projects for over 100 public school districts across Michigan, as well as countless projects for numerous private and parochial schools. These projects have ranged from new high school facilities in excess of 400,000 square feet, to minor renovations and energy efficiency projects which may affect a single room. Peter Basso Associates is YOUR Engineering Partner for your K-12 School needs.


Hillel Day School Renovation | Farmington Hills, MI

PBA provided MEP engineering design and architectural lighting design for the first, second and third phase of the Hillel Day School renovation project, which included a new classroom wing and renovations to the heart of the school on the first floor. Renovations, which encompassed 10,500 sf of space, as part of phase 2, were made to the heart of the building, which includes an open collaborative space for students on the first floor featuring a stage, modular seating and lighting specific to the task and purpose of each space - Learn More...


PCCS Liberty Middle School | Canton, MI

PBA provided MEP engineering and architectural lighting design services for the construction of Plymouth-Canton Public School's new Liberty Middle School. The project was part of a $114 million bond that passed in 2013. Programming for the new school highlighted STEM lab classrooms and included complete school network wiring services, focused on 21st century classroom design. Classrooms are highlighted by interactive projectors that are linked with each teacher's computer, allowing for a more interactive learning experience. - Learn More...


NCSD Parkview Elementary School | Novi, MI

Part of Novi Community School District’s 2014 Bond Program included additions to and renovations of multiple elementary schools, including Parkview Elementary. Renovations to Parkview included the addition of four classrooms and one existing space renovation, totalling 5,200 SF of renovation and additions. Plumbing renovations included resizing the gas line, replacing water service and water heaters and replacing heating circulation pumps. Electrical renovations included, replacing lighting, upgrading the clock and bell systems and site lighting.

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